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Helpful Enthusiasts for Behavioral Health Business & Clinical Practice

PsychMaven is a group dedicated to being the helpful and informative friend for behavioral health professionals. We offer online courses and live seminars on therapist-focused business and professional development, as well as continuing education on clinical topics. We have offerings geared for graduate students, new clinicians, therapist entrepreneurs, and those looking at new businesses or skill sharpening in behavioral health. We also provide personalized consulting services, as well as original and curated articles on behavioral health practice.


Career Development & Side-Gigs 

As a​ student, new graduate, or someone who is just early in their career in mental health, it can feel very overwhelming trying to navigate a new profession. Though you may feel your school has done a good job preparing you to help people as a therapist, many new clinicians talk about having more difficulty navigating the job market, understanding their options with supervision,  whether they need to look at more school, and ways to practically earn income.


Growing Your Caseload

Whether you have been a clinician for years or are new to the field, when trying to grow our independent caseloads or start our own private practice, we typically want as much help as we can get. See our resources for increasing your client numbers and managing your practice.


Behavioral Health Entrepreneurs

When you want to branch out beyond your own traditional practice, there are several ways that mental/behavioral health professionals can have new, creative, and profitable outlets while having positive impact on others. Resources that we have for you to consider include:

  • Taking on Associate Therapists

  • Therapeutic Retreats & Intensives

  • Webinars & Webcasts

  • Creating CE Trainings

  • Starting a Treatment Program (Addiction and/or Mental Health)

  • Adding Psychiatry to you Practice.


Clinical Skills & Continuing Education

The first part of PsychMaven that we started was the Narrative Institute in 2011, with the goal of providing continuing education around the topic of Narrative Therapy. Since then, PsychMaven is continuing to expand in offering more CE events and courses, both live and online.

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