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Become a Paid Affiliate Marketer for Our Courses

Affiliate Marketing with PsychMaven

If you are a mental health professional who, has enjoyed our courses, enjoys social networking with other therapists, and who wants to be able to earn income from a side-gig, then we would like you to consider to becoming an Affiliate Marketer with PsychMaven. 

Here is how it works. After filling out the form below, we set your student profile in our online course platform, Teachable, as an  affiliate profile (click here for Teachable affiliate information). While you are an active affiliate, you have your own links/coupons that you use to direct people to PsychMaven courses. For every person that buys a course from PsychMaven using your affiliate paths, you earn a percentage of the course fee, paid directly to you by Teachable. 


After you submit the form, we will contact you to discuss the courses that you want to market and the percent you will receive per course, are typical percentage is 30% of the course price. There are never any fees that you owe us in the process, and so you can market without risk. We do require affiliates to agree to our affiliate terms in our Terms and Conditions to ensure ethical practice (see bottom of terms page), but for socially driven therapists who are interested making additional income, we hope you might consider joining us with PsychMaven.

Become An Affiliate Marketer Here

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