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Term and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We want those who have signed up for a course/training to have the best experience possible. Anyone who has registered and paid for a live training (whether in-person or live-webinar) who, for any reason, has to cancel their registration will be given a full refund as long as they notify us at PsychMaven of their need to cancel no later than 5 business days after the delivery of the training. 

Anyone who attends a training who is not satisfied with their experience may receive a full refund in lieu of a CE certificate on request. Request must be received the day of training. All refunds will be issued through the same means that the initial registration was paid (Stripe, PayPal, etc.).

The refund policy for Home-Study/Online courses shall be as above, except when same policies conflict with the refund policies of Teachable. For courses that are non-live/on-demand, Teachable's refund policy of notification within 30-days of initial purchase shall be accepted.

Acceptance of Continuing Education Clock Hours

PsychMaven works to comprehend and communicate our understanding of the requirements for approved continuing education (CE) clock hours in the different states and/or jurisdictions where our trainings are delivered and to provide guidance to the relevant rules and regulations for the different psychotherapeutic disciplines (Click Here for our guide on continuing education requirements for various states). However, it remains the responsibility of each student/attendee to verify with their state boards and/or national certifiers whether continuing education clock hours earned through specific trainings under PsychMaven meet the continuing education requirements for their licenses and certifications. PsychMaven shall assume no responsibility as to the acceptance of continuing education hours.

Because of standards of continuing education approval bodies, no partial credit for CE hours may be awarded for partial event attendance.

PsychMaven clearly denotes the status of continuing education for each event using asterisks (*) with explanations in the footers. Many trainings/courses offered PsychMaven are not designed to meet continuing education standards and these are clearly noted.

Confidentiality of Students/Attendees

The names and contact information of registered students/attendees is maintained by PsychMaven and any stated host and/or co-sponsor of the specific training event for our records and to insure the quality of services delivered. PsychMaven works to maintain the confidentiality of these records and does not release information on attendees to third parties, with the exception of approvers of continuing education clock hours where such information is required for the approval of the continuing education clock hours for the specific event. Such organizations may include, but are not limit to, the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC); NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals; the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB),  the American Psychological Association (APA); and state licensing boards for different psychotherapeutic disciplines that approve continuing education clock hours for mental health professionals in those states.


All future communications from PsychMaven will have clear "opt-out" options for past students/attendees who no longer wish to receive emails or other notifications from PsychMaven or any of its component institutes. 

Acceptable Behavior & Conduct of Students/Attendees

PsychMaven strives to maintain environments that are conducive for positive learning and professional growth. It is because of this that PsychMaven insists that all students/attendees and instructors, whether they are participating in webinars, courses, or an in-person events, conduct themselves in ways that are respectful for all persons involved. PsychMaven has a zero-tolerance policy for participants who conduct themselves in threatening or otherwise disruptive ways. Unacceptable behavior may include, but may not be limited to; participants who are expressly hostile to persons based on their gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual identity/orientation, etc.; participants who persistently interrupt, distract, and/or forcefully dominate discussion to the clear detriment of the learning objectives of attendees and instructors; and/or participants who otherwise contribute to feelings of unsafety in the learning environment, for either attendees or instructors. In these circumstances, PsychMaven reserves the right to eject any person from an event and/or training. The ejected person shall receive a refund for their attendance, but they shall not received any partial continuing education credit if such credit is being offered.


PsychMaven further reserves the right to ban any persons, either temporarily or permanently, from participating in PsychMaven offerings if it is believed that said persons will contribute to the unsafety of others involved in the offering. These determinations are at the sole discretion of PsychMaven and its instructors.

Attendance & Continuing Education for Live Webinars and On-Demand Courses

When attending an online-course/webinar (either a live-webinar or evergreen/recorded course or webcast) with PsychMaven all students/attendees agree that they will only complete the post-test for continuing education hours if they have participated in the entirety of the course/webinar/webcast, and that that by completing the post-test they are stating they have completed the clock hours of the course/webinar/webcast and are entitled to the credit then given once the post-test is successfully completed.

It also important for students/attendees of courses/webinars/webcasts to note that many states count online-courses/webinars differently in regards to continuing education, difference also exist in some states regarding online-courses/webinars if they are done as live-events or as pre-recorded/home-studies (Click Here for information on continuing education requirements for various states). The “Acceptance of Continuing Education Clock Hours” policy as found here in our “Terms and Conditions” shall apply to online-courses/webinars in the same way as live-events.

Affiliate Marketer Conditions

For any student with PsychMaven who becomes an Affiliate Marketer of courses for PsychMaven, you agree to abide by, and understand, these conditions for the affiliate relationship.

  1. PsychMaven reserves to right to select, or de-select, any student with our Teachable school as an Affiliate Marketer for PsychMaven, and its component institutes, without conditions or restraints.

  2. All payouts to Affiliate Marketers will be through the platforms as provided by Teachable (click here for information).

  3. Students may present themselves as "Affiliate Marketers" for PsychMaven as long affiliate status is active.

  4. All Affiliate Marketers must adhere to the codes of ethics for their relevant psychotherapeutic discipline(s) (ACA, APA, AAMFT, NASW, etc) and obey all relevant laws and statutes regarding how they market any course for PsychMaven, or any of PsychMaven's component institutes. This particularly as it involves the marketing of courses to clients/patients, supervisees, and/or students. Affiliate Marketers, at all times, must hold to the highest standards of professional conduct and beneficence to those whom they have therapeutic and/or pedagogical obligations. 

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