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Full Disclosure

At PsychMaven, we are determined to provide you with sound assessments of the businesses, services, and products that we suggest to you. We operate with affiliate agreements with the companies listed below, which means we earn a royalty if you make a purchase using our links, which helps us fund investment to create new courses and to provide content that remains cost-free for you. Many links also provide discounts to you if you follow them. We want to be transparent about these relationships. We are committed to only partnering with services that we personally use, have used in the past, or would plan to use in the future. Thanks in advance for using our affiliate links when exploring these services


We spent quite a bit of time exploring ways to a automatic some of courses to have in an on-demand format online. We were frustrated by some of the other platforms we explored, but were so happy when we found Teachable. If you are wanting to earn an income with online teaching, whether with trainings for other clinicians or on topics and skills for the general public, Teachable has helped thousands of people turn their knowledge into passive income. PsychMaven hosts all of our on-demand course in our Teachable School website, which was easy to build and manage. Multiple pricing plans are available, so if you are wanting a great online platform to share your expertise with others, we would strongly recommend Teachable! 


When we, at PsychMaven, were trying find a platform to fit our needs for live webinars, WebinarNinja easily came out on top for us. WebinarNinja has multiple well priced plans, allows for both live and pre-recorded webinars, and records all of your webinars for replays or for upload on other platforms like Teachable or YouTube. Also, for anyone who sets up with WebinarNinja using PsychMaven's affiliate link, we have a FREE course on using the platform. Click here for more information.

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The platform we use to build and host most of our websites (including this one) is Wix. This is a well priced service, and we have found it to be easy use, as well as simple to create and do updates. Wix allows you to create and host a website for free if you would like, with hundreds of templates to choose from, with many styles well suited for behavioral health services. The messaging system does not meet all HIPAA standards, so we disable this feature for our therapy oriented sites and always direct counseling clients to message through more secure set-ups.  Whether you are in practice or not, having a website presence is essential to start to build brand value for both current and future work. So consider having that web presence with Wix. If you do a paid plan, you have 14 days to cancel without any cost, so even if the platform does not fit your needs you can still try it without risk. Check Wix out here.


For many therapists in the post-graduate/pre-licensed phase of their careers, getting connected to the right supervisor can make all the difference in the world. But the right supervision can be hard to find, especial if you live in area with a shortage of supervision, Motivo may then be your solution. Motivo connects new therapists with experienced supervisors, where they meet through a secure and easy to use online platform. It is important to make sure you know the rules your state licensing board has around any restriction with online supervision, but for so many new therapists having access to great supervisors no matter where they live or work can be game changing. Use our link at for 25% off your first 3 supervision sessions with Motivo


We have used the Capital One Spark Business Card for years for all for all of our business expenses. The card has a high interest rate, so we would not recommend this if you cannot pay off the card every month, but the 2% cash back has been a huge help to us over years. Therapist business expenses of conference/training fees, related travel, office supplies, website maintenance, social media marketing, professional dues, electronic notes subscriptions, malpractice insurance, and much more can be charged to the business card. Having a separate card for business is also great at tax time, as you have your business expenses charged in a different account. The thousands of dollars you spend a year on business can mean you get hundreds of dollars in cash back, which is we have always treated like a Christmas bonus. Check out Capital One's Card here.


For all of our payroll needs, we use Gusto. Gusto does all the work of on-boarding your staff and/or contractors with automatic set up of work authorization forms and direct deposit forms, along with electronically setting you up to be compliant with relevant labor, tax, and immigration laws  Additionally, Gusto health insurance enrollment and administration, as well as third party access to workers' compensation insurance and 401K plans. Check them out at, and get a FREE $100 Amazon gift card if you sign-up with our link.

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Our dear friend and fellow maven Gordon Brewer is the host of the Practice of the Therapy Podcast and they have great resources on how to effectively manage your own therapy practice and we love sharing that information. For more on Gordon's great courses, visit him at


Convertkit is by far our No.1 choice for an email management system. Stay connected with your community and converting them into paying clients is at its simplest when using ConvertKit.

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