The Narrative Institute

Started in 2011 by PsychMaven co-founder, Dr. David Hall, the Narrative Institute began by hosting local workshops on narrative-based approaches in psychotherapy. In a short amount of time the Narrative Institute began organizing independent continuing education events in other cities in the United States and then led a week-long training in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2012. At the beginning of 2019, the Narrative Institute became one of the founding component institutes of PsychMaven and will continue to offer its trainings in the use of Narrative. Current and upcoming course offerings from the Narrative Institute include:

  • Ethics for Mental Health Professionals

  • Introduction to Narrative in Psychotherapy

  • Behavioral Effects of Technology

See below for some of this upcoming course offerings.


Multicultural Ethics in Influence & Autonomy 

A Narrative Approach to Mental Health Ethics & Cultural Awareness

Presented by Dr. David Hall


In our work as therapists, all of us carry beliefs, values, and biases that affect the work we do with our clients. Yet all of the major ethical codes for counseling and psychotherapeutic disciplines emphasize the importance of the counseling relationship reinforcing a sense of client autonomy. “Client Autonomy” refers to the level of independence in beliefs, values, and decisions a client experiences in the therapeutic setting in relationship to the therapist. This course will explore the considerations of therapist influence and the autonomy of clients as it relates to ethical practice and cultural sensitivity.

This course offers three(3) clock hours of continuing education (see here for CE approvals)

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