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What is a Maven?

Deriving from a Yiddish world to describe an expert or connoisseur, "Maven" began to be used in the world of business and marketing in the 20th century to describe individuals who knew more, and more deeply, than most consumers about certain services and products. The word was further popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book "The Tipping Point" to talk about people who, in their drive to acquire knowledge and share it for the benefit of others, have a huge effect on the spread and impact of information and trends. PsychMaven is here to spread helpful information for the professions in mental health. We are behavioral health clinicians with broad experience, both in failures and success, and we want to share the knowledge we have accumulated about career development, private practice, clinical skills, psychological research, work/life balance, and business innovation. We hope you will take time to explore what we have to offer and how it might be a help to you.

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