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About PsychMaven

The word "Maven" has its origins in Yiddish, and it describes a person who has a drive towards acquiring detailed knowledge in a certain area, becoming a connoisseur and specialist in the subject in the process. Mavens are also highly motivated to share their insights with others as a way of being helpful. Being a maven does not always mean that you are the greatest expert in your field, but it does mean that you seek out expertise and share the benefit of your discoveries with others. PsychMaven is focused on sharing helpful knowledge pertinent to mental/behavioral health professionals; so that there lives can be bettered through greater knowledge of mental health business, therapist lifestyle resources, as well as increasing clinical skills. We share this knowledge through courses, live seminars, podcasts, articles, consulting, and groups. We hope that you take some time to browse information about our team, CE approvals, and special discounts

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