Behavioral Health Entrepreneurs

Branching out beyond a practice or other traditional jobs to earn a income can be exciting, but where to do we even start? Depending on your interests, experience, start-up funds, and potential partners, there are several ways that mental/behavioral health professionals can have new, creative, and profitable outlets while having positive impact on others. Current and upcoming course offerings from PsychMaven include:

  • Taking on Associate Therapists

  • Therapeutic Retreats & Intensives

  • Public Speaking and Professional Workshops

  • Residential Treatment (Addiction and/or Mental Health)

  • Adding Psychiatry to your Practice

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Profitable Mental Health CE Starter-Kit

A How-To Guide to Build Your Own Continuing Education

Income with Live and Online Trainings 

Presented by Dr. David Hall


Whether in the role of speaker/teacher or simply as an organizer, the idea of trying to do your own continuing education events for therapists might feel intriguing, overwhelming, or both. But if you are open to take up this challenge in order to better our profession, we can give you a blueprint to pull this off. Not only can leading professional trainings be rewarding on a personal level, they can also be an additional source of income and a way to market your therapy services in your community. In this course, we will equip you to:​

  • Choose your topic, pick a speaker, and/or sharpening your own presenting skills.

  • Know the different avenues to get continuing education credit for your training.

  • Find presentation venues and ways to manage your costs.

  • Setting trainings both online and in-person

  • Know the ways to effectively advertise your training.

And More....

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