Therapist Career Development

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Are you finishing your degree program or have already started in the world of professional behavioral health? Though many people might feel that they have been well guided in developing their clinical skills, a lot of new therapists talk about feeling unsure about the career and business parts of their profession. Questions that many therapists wonder about at this point include:

  • How long will it realistically take me to get fully licensed?

  • What kind of clinical setting are open to me to work in as I work towards full licensure?

  • What can I expect my income to be as I am starting out?

  • How to figure my out supervision options?

  • What are the things I can do to develop my career further?


7 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Psychotherapist

(Free Mini-Course) 

Presented by Dr. David Hall


We have all had thoughts about what we would tell our former selves if given the chance. Whether it is a warning about upcoming pitfalls in life, advice about alternative paths to consider, or guidance on how to get the most out of opportunities before us. Dr. David Hall with PsychMaven has taken this thought and turned it into a free course for new therapists. In this mini-course, we will covers topics like:

  • Thinking through opportunities for professional growth.

  • Considerations in supervision and getting licensed.

  • How to start building a brand for you future work.

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Psychotherapist Start-Up Kit

Presented by Dr. David Hall


This course is for new graduates in the mental health professions, as well as for those who are wanting to better navigate their options in their careers. On top of the lecture material, you will receive access to helpful forms and checklists to help you in the process. Areas covered include:​

  • Setting Expectations for Employment Options and Income 

  • Engaging in the Application and Interview Process for Jobs

  • Finding and Setting up with a Supervisor 

  • Fast-tracking the process to licensure

  • Finding therapy niches to develop and additional income sources

And More....

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