Starting and Growing Your Practice

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You might be a seasoned clinician that is entering into practice after years in an agency or community mental health setting. You might be striking out on your own after years with a group practice. Or you might even be a new therapist who wants to build something of your own right away. Our courses here include guidance on:

  • How to structure create a business plan.

  • Marketing a practice in a systemic way.

  • How to identify and connect with your ideal clients.

  • Ways to create and manage referral funnels to build your caseload.

  • Understanding how to engage with the different payer mixes (insurance, private pay, etc).

  • Knowing the best ways to invest your time and money to keep your practice healthy.

See below for some of the courses we offer to help you in your practice


Life-Hacks for Caseload Building

Ways To Boast Your Psychotherapy Practice

(Free Mini-Course) 

Presented by Dr. David Hall

If you are like a lot of us, it is a lot of fun finding helpful shortcuts that save time, money and energy. In this this free mini-course, we want to provide some easy and often overlooked ideas in building your therapy caseload. Dr. David Hall has built caseloads for himself and others, and is using this course to share some simple life-hacks that he admits he was slow to come to, but that can make a world of difference in getting connected with more clients.

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Mental Health Marketing Kit

Grow And Keep Your Therapy Caseload And Fill It With Your Best Clients

Presented by Dr. David Hall

This course is designed for mental health clinicians and business developers who want to learn more about effective caseload building. This course provides templates, forms, and checklists to help you in the process. Areas covered include:​

  • Creating profiles of your optimal clients to help you connect with them more effectively

  • Exploring different referral sources and choosing the ones with the highest returns for you.

  • Learning how to focus marketing activities in ways that fit best with your personality and preferences.

And More....

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money matters teacheable.png

Money Matters in Private Practice

Managing the Financial Side of Private Practice

Presented by Gordon Brewer, LMFT

Managing the financial side of private practice can be intimidating and daunting. In this course you will learn how to navigate the whole financial side of your practice. From setting fees to learning how to make your practice profitable and sustainable over the long haul. The things we will cover are:​

  • Creating a Financial Plan & Taxes

  • Tracking and Analyzing Your Cash Flow

  • Diversifying Income Streams

  • Automation, Systems & Processes

And More....

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G Suite for Therapists.jpg

G-Suites for Therapists

Maximize Your Productivity Using The Tools of Google G-Suite

Presented by Gordon Brewer, LMFT

The tools available in Google G-Suite can go a long way in helping you organize your private practice and all those administrative functions. You can set things up to keep your client records safe and HIPAA secure. You can also streamline your documentation and progress note writing to get it done quickly and efficiently. Areas covered in this course include:​

  • Using Google Sheets to set-up your accounting and bookkeeping

  • Using Google Drive to create back-ups and go "paperless"

  • Using Google Form for your documentation processes.

And More....

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